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Who We Are

AltAnswer is a non-commercial educational site dedicated to providing unbiased, straightforward explanations of alternative investing strategies and asset classes. Its editors are Bob Rice of Tangent Capital Partners and Jim Jubak of Jubak Asset Management, who are solely responsible for deciding which content appears on the site. The listed Resources are institutions, that, strictly in the opinion of the editors, are experts in the field and have reputations for integrity and fair dealing. Altanswer does not accept any financial compensation from any listed Resource in exchange for a listing. Resources, and non-editorial Contributors, submit their own content but have no discretion or control over whether such content, or any other content, is actually accepted or posted. Altanswer does not make any recommendations regarding investment or financial products; it is intended solely as a general information site.

Our Contributors

Bob Rice

Bob is the Alternative Investment Editor at Bloomberg Television, where he appears daily on “Money Moves with Deirdre Bolton,” the only show on TV solely dedicated to Alternatives. Bob has been involved in Alternatives world for 30 years. He serves on boards of investment management firms with over $2 billion of assets under management, as well as Gust, the leading platform for seed stage companies and investors. After starting his career at the U.S. Justice Department, he worked on the early generations of derivatives as a partner at premiere Wall Street’s law firm Milbank, Tweed. He then entered the private equity world via Wexford Capital, where he launched a 3D technology startup that later became the publicly traded Viewpoint, of which he served as CEO. In 2004, he founded merchant bank Tangent Capital, whose principals have raised and invested several billions of dollars for and in alternative funds and transactions. Bob appears regularly on dozens of major media outlets around the world, and frequently keynotes at major financial industry conferences.

Deirdre Bolton

Deirdre is an anchor on Bloomberg Television and host of “MoneyMoves,” airing weekdays at 1pm ET, across Bloomberg’s digital platforms including Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg.com. Bolton provides a daily look at global money flows into alternative assets, including hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, angel investing, real estate and natural resources, and shows where the world’s savviest global investors are placing their bets outside of traditional investing. Since joining Bloomberg Television in 1999, Bolton has co-anchored Bloomberg Television’s morning programming and analyzed trading across U.S., European and Asian markets. She has also interviewed numerous business leaders, heads of state and high-profile investors including hedge fund CEO Bill Ackman of Pershing Square Capital Management, Sullivan & Cromwell Senior Chairman H. Rodgin Cohen, Lazard Vice Chairman Gary Parr, billionaire investor Wilbur Ross, Carlyle Group co-founder and managing director David Rubenstein and Fred Wilson, managing partner at Union Square Ventures. Bolton has also participated in gatherings for some of the world’s top business minds including the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, Korea. Bolton began her career in institutional equity sales at CDC North America and Société Générale. She holds a degree in English and French literature from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree from New York University. Bolton has lived in Paris, London, and Singapore, in addition to her current home in New York City.

Jim Jubak

Jim made his first personal investment in the early 1980s when zero coupon Treasury bonds were paying 12%. (Unfortunately, this opportunity followed a not terribly lucrative period earning a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia. Jim’s lack of capital to invest at 12% insured that he wouldn’t retire by the age of thirty-five.) As a financial journalist for Venture and Worth Jim covered the boom of the 1980s and the crash of 1987. In the early 1990s he wrote the first comprehensive book, The Worth Guide to Electronic Investing, about what was then a new effort to put computers to work for individual investors. Beginning in 1997 and continuing for twelve years he wrote one of the first and ultimately the best-read stock picking columns on the Internet, “Jubak’s Journal,” for Microsoft’s MSN Money. His initial boss, a hotshot software guy, said: “If you’re so good as a stock picker why don’t you do what no one else does and issue clear buys and sells and then track the results.” That resulted in what we believe was the first online, daily-priced stock portfolio on the Internet, Jubak’s Picks. And that portfolio begat a dividend portfolio and then a long-term global stock portfolio called the 50 Best Stocks in the World. That last portfolio was the inspiration for Jim’s 2008 book The Jubak Picks: 50 Stocks That Will Rebuild Your Wealth & Safeguard Your Future. In May 2009 Jim left MSN Money to start his own stock picking blog, JubakPicks.com, so that instead of writing two columns a week he could write three posts a day. That was followed in June 2010 by the launch of a mutual fund, the Jubak Global Equity Fund (JUBAX), and the Jubak Asset Management (JAM) daily Internet investment letter. A selection of his posts for JubakPicks.com won the 2009 Best in Business award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW).