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The Future of Strategy and Business

The pace of change has eviscerated traditional ways of planning for personal, business and financial goals. Which technology and societal trends will really drive our future? And, more importantly, how can you exploit them even as others become overwhelmed? Bob explains how individuals, executives, and investors can succeed in world of disorienting change.

Game Theory
For Fun and

Want to be a better negotiator and executive? Then learn about the practical aspects of game theory and behavioral economics. Many of the dynamics that drive real-world decision making and success are invisible and counter-intuitive… until you’ve heard them explained. Learn how to use “option judo”, why favorable odds are often not what they seem, and discover the power of the “iterated prisoners’ dilemma”. Poker and chess have a lot more to do with your next big decision than you might think!

The Radical Consequences of A Digital Economy

Welcome to the digital economy, a world of "winner take all" outcomes, job-destroyoing efficiencies, and amplified income inequality. It's the natural, and unstoppable, product of a totally networked globe, ubiquitous computing, zero-cost reproduction and distribution, and radically efficient, "sharing" consumption patterns. And it presents the most profound social and political challenges society has faced since the Industrial Revolution. Instead of rehashing policies and politics of the past, leaders must turn forward and face the utterly new set of issues presented by a post-scarcity, fully digital world.

The Alternative Answer

Stocks and bonds constitute a small fraction of investment options, and, on average over many decades, have produced terribly volatile and paltry returns. More knowledgeable investors, instead, put the bulk of their money into non -traditional assets, from timber and royalties to hedged strategies and startups. Bob provides an exciting, whirlwind tour of this amazing world, and explains how, thanks to recent legal and regulatory developments, almost every investor can achieve superior returns-- with less overall risk-- than traditional options offer.

Booking Bob

Bob lectures on technology, business strategy, and utilizing game theory in the the real world. And despite Yogi’s correct admonition that “predictions are difficult, especially about the future,” he tries to prepare audiences for the implications of today’s powerful new trends for their respective areas of interest.

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