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Maino Confronted By Terence Crawford After Betting Against Him

As a result, he was forced to wear the same outfit to the show every day for an entire week. Montgomery’s mayor, Steven Reed, said in a statement on Sunday that several people involved in the fighting on Saturday evening have been detained. The brawl appeared to start when a pontoon boat prevented a larger https://www.gclub.co/royal1688-play-baccarat-casino-direct-site/ river boat from docking. When a Black riverboat worker objected, he was attacked by a group of white men. Walters, who was convicted in 2017 of insider trading on the Dean Foods stock, says he believes that if Mickelson had testified a “simple truth,” that he would not have faced time in prison.


NBC station WSFA of Montgomery reported that four arrest warrants have been issued in connection with the altercation and “there’s a possibility more will follow after the review of additional video”. After the arrival of police officers, the brawl subsided – and then briefly reignited before police began cuffing the participants, Black and white. Walters, who has denied wrongdoing in the case, was granted clemency by President Trump on his final day in office in 2021. “Based on our relationship and what I’ve since learned from others, Phil’s gambling losses [between 2010 and 2014] approached not $40 million as has been previously reported, but much closer to $100 million,” Walters writes. “My reason for partnering with him was simple. Given my reputation in the gambling world, my limits with Phil’s two bookmakers were roughly $20,000 a game on college and $50,000 on the pros,” Walters wrote.

  • He did this huge conservative policy agenda in Florida while Trump couldn’t get the wall done and so on.
  • That makes me want to touch on something you just mentioned, which is the possibility of a third-party candidate.
  • The brawl appeared to start when a pontoon boat prevented a larger river boat from docking.
  • And that is preventing Biden from maximizing his base of Democratic support and getting his number up above 43.

I mean, ordinarily, talking about the general election 15 months out might be a little ridiculous, but we’ve had this election before. So Nate, “The Times” did a second poll. We just talked about the poll of Republican primary voters. You all simultaneously did a poll of a potential general election in which Trump faces Joe Biden. They think Trump is likelier to get things done than Ron DeSantis, even though Ron DeSantis would seem to have a very impressive set of conservative policy accomplishments.

The second bucket, I think, is Biden’s age. And these are Democrats, who presumably should be giving Biden the benefit of the doubt on all of this stuff. What you seem to be saying is that President Biden hasn’t found a way to exploit Trump’s weaknesses, because he has his own real weaknesses as a candidate. But let’s really explore what those weaknesses are and how they emerge in the poll. This is a weird thing to say, Michael, but I think that if you take all of these poll results at face value, it adds up to a comprehensive takedown of the DeSantis theory of this race, the DeSantis theory of how they can win this election. Now, they’re backing Donald Trump over the alternatives, so they’re not an automatic vote against him.

It shows the president and the former president still tied among registered voters, each at 43 percent. The third issue is a little bit different from the first two, and that’s that Biden is not faring well, by traditional Democratic standards, among Black and Hispanic voters. Among all registered voters, Biden only has a 71-to-12 lead among Black voters, and he’s only up 41 to 38 among Hispanic voters. Polls will have margin of errors ordinarily, and then when you drill down into smaller groups, those margin of errors get even bigger.

In a lot of ways, they’re broadly representative of all Republicans. And we didn’t really talk very much about the makeup of the MAGA base, but the MAGA base is very populist. Top line, we found Donald Trump doing really well. He had 54 percent of Republican primary voters to 17 percent for Ron DeSantis. The conflict escalated when a group of about six Black men from the riverboat confronted the white party. Cheered on by bystanders, they beat three white men and two women, at least one of whom could be seen first striking others by running up and throwing her body into them from behind.

But there’s not much reason to think this third indictment will change that view among these voters. And to this point, they have seen their guy as under attack and want to rally to his defense, not that they see something wrong on Trump’s part and that they should distance themselves from him. Only 2 percent said that he did, quote, “something wrong.” So this isn’t a case where there are loyal Trump supporters that acknowledge his wrongdoing but still support him anyway because of his views on the issues or because they’re loyal to him. They don’t accept the premise that he’s done something wrong here. And that, obviously, goes a long way to explaining why they continue to support him. A new set of Times polls has answers to those questions.

And then, perhaps it’s also that DeSantis owned a unique set of powerful issues that appealed to Republicans, like coronavirus and the fight against woke. And I don’t think our poll provides any reason to believe that those things are working for him today. Republican voters, as I mentioned earlier — they think that Donald Trump is likely to beat Joe Biden than Ron DeSantis, even though Trump lost last time, and even though Trump’s candidates lost the midterms. A majority of voters don’t have a favorable impression of Joe Biden. A majority of voters think that Joe Biden has not done a good job as president. And so there’s a lot of voters who, when confronted with this Biden-versus-Trump matchup, they simply seize up, in polling terms, I suppose.

So there are cracks there that, hypothetically, could lead them to support someone else if the circumstances permitted it. It’s much larger than the lead that Donald Trump ever had in the last Republican primary. It’s bigger than any of the leads that Hillary Clinton had in 2016 or 2008.

So even among this group of voters, who — again, they’re willing to say that DeSantis may be more moral than Trump. But they also reject the idea that Trump has committed serious federal crimes. And they also believe that Republicans ought to stand behind Trump in the face of these allegations.