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Recovery Success Stories

She shared that she’d been “very dedicated” to her recovery. “I’ve been working with other addicts, alcoholics, concurring disorders, things like that,” Allison announced during her update interview seven years later. “I thought I had died already,” she said about her time using. Penny-Lee was a mom who lived in a small village in Hawaii — she was also an alcoholic, becoming ever-increasingly reclusive as she drank herself to death. “Penny-Lee has an infectious laugh and loves to have fun,” her episode summary reads.

We looked for times we felt she was open to hearing about rehab again. We kept the lines of communication open as much as you can with someone who is homeless. I would tell my wife that something wasn’t right and stop drinking for a month or two.

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It warms our hearts to hear how happy your loved ones are now that they are experiencing new dimensions and possibility in their lives. Personally, I had to have a spiritual experience to really understand I couldn’t ever drink again safely. I describe myself as a recovering alcoholic. I sponsor people now and that’s part of what keeps me from drinking on a daily basis.

  • It made me feel powerful, like I was unstoppable.
  • When I said that was too much, I remember he replied, “well, you drank every day.” I had no rebuttal.
  • “I saw my baby sister get molested. [It] wasn’t right,” Allison shared, taking another long huff.
  • We aren’t in the clear, and I know patience is key, but it’s so nice to finally see a glimmer of hope.
  • Ryan was drinking “up to 130 beers a week” and had landed in the hospital several times because of booze-fueled incidents.

Living by spiritual principles is not something that other 21-year olds were doing. The recovery community was different then, too. There weren’t as many young people in recovery as there are today. Everything that I believed in, everything that I was about, and my perception on life had to change.

Addiction Recovery Success Stories

Read about their journeys, and learn how drug abuse treatment has played different but essential roles in their lives. Morningside Recovery offers the full-spectrum of comprehensive addiction treatment in Orange County, CA. Take that first step on the road to recovery and make better choices, every day.

sober success stories

“I saw my baby sister get molested. [It] wasn’t right,” Allison shared, taking another long huff. The girls were forced to face their alleged molester in court, but he was acquitted due to “lack of evidence.” Just months later, their parents went through a brutal divorce. Kuda agreed that the non-alcoholic beverage market has “really sprung up” in recent years.

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Americans often see the more destructive side of addiction, drug crime, people slumped in doorways and family members who are spiraling downward. Anna Mable-Jones, age 56, sober success stories lost a decade to cocaine addiction. Now she’s a homeowner, she started a small business and says life is “awesome.” “I’ve had a really hard time getting my recovery back.

sober success stories